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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Picnic Planning

The plan today was to finish planting the annuals and tomatoes!  Storms keep rolling in one after another with dark, dark clouds, wind, downpours.  Then it brightens for a bit.... and begins all over again.   We really need the rain so we should not complain.            However tomorrow we host the annual neighborhood Memorial Day picnic and I so hope it isn't soggy and the rain has stopped.   Either way, indoors or outdoors, we'll have a good time with good friends and the potluck dishes will be fabulous.

    My husband took off early for washers and a hose attachment for the hoses to water the kitchen garden, but I don't think we'll be needing to water for a couple of days.  He was sixth in line waiting for the hardware store to open.  Funny how we all hurry to plant and prepare for our short summer season.   I dashed out between squalls to snap a few photos of the garden... so bright and colorful in the rain.   Happy planting to everyone!


Biddy Fraser said...

My husband, Neil, and I have just returned from a holiday in the Carolinas, Pie Lady Pat, and experienced our first 'Memorial Day' out in the States. We went shopping, actually. I like your clothes pegs bags. Very handy and pretty too. Love the States and keep going back. Very hot over there, mind you, at the moment - or was a few days ago.

Pie Lady Pat said...

We (husband Richard and I) have enjoyed visiting South Carolina in the winter time and it was delightful. Glad you enjoyed it there. We had a group of 40 neighbors for a large potluck picnic on Memorial Day and it was hot here, too. Fun to share an abundance of good food and friendship.