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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Best Easter Baskets Yet

My granddaughters ages 4 and almost 7 visited a few days ago and of course we played with
spring and Easter crafts.  We love hard boiled eggs made into sandwiches or deviled eggs so
of course we colored eggs.
But I wanted to try something different in the nest/basket department.  I noticed Rice Krispie nests
on line, so we did it!  Molded over upside down bowls while freshly mixed and still hot, the trick is in being patient and letting the "nests" cool and harden.  They are cute AND tasty.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Adult Bullying ... or.... Fire and Ice

There is so much important conversation today about childhood bullying, it has occurred to me
that of course adult bullying is prevalent as well.... and in very subtle ways.  It took some soul-searching on my part to discover what I was allowing and the realization that I needed to confront and set some firmer boundaries.

Over time I have severed ties to the blatant bullies in my life, but noticed recently that a long-time friend fits the subtle bully category.  Once the behaviors (specifically exclusion and ridicule) were identified and admitted for what they are, I needed to make a choice and cut back on time spent trying to maintain a relationship with this person.  Once addressed, it feels great to let that one go.  Anyone else experience this?

And for a little seasonal drama, here's my vernal equinox fire
photo from last year as I ceremoniously burned the Christmas
tree.  And the ice at the downspout a week ago... love this image...
running freely one day and frozen solid the next.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Ides of March

Thanks to William Shakespeare we know Julius Caesar was warned by the soothsayer to "Beware
the Ides of March" which became the date of Caesar's
death.  My dad studied French in high school way back when studying French was not necessarily in vogue... but he loved it.  He shared all the French language he could remember with me.  The same with William Shakespeare.  My dad quoted so many lengthy parts from so many of Shakespeare's plays... and with much drama!  I will always remembering him reciting "Beware the Ides of March......." and on and on.  Wouldn't you know he passed away on this day... the Ides of March... nearly twenty years ago.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Little Detour

Funny how plans are laid, my lists are written out for the next few weeks, then .... wham!....
I get sick with chills, runny nose, the works!  A week and a half later I have "pink eye"
and acute hearing loss due to the congestion.  I catch the bugs my little granddaughters have.
The girls bounce back quickly.  Me... not so much!  I have gotten some good sewing done this
week, however, between naps..... zzzzzzzzz!

Some cart liners and some clothes pin bags: