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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where is Spring, anyway?

 We thought Spring was here when we drove to Tennessee mid-March and flowering trees were in bloom and robins were everywhere.   We came back to Michigan, the snow was mostly gone and daffodils were peeping through the frozen crust of earth.
 Vernal Equinox sounds magical, so I continued my personal tradition of burning the Christmas tree
in the fire pit on the beach.... light mist.... no snow.... hoping for Spring on the official first day.
And this is NOW!  We were hit with a foot of "Spring  Snow" and the deer are back at the bird feeder looking for hand outs.... here they are roaming on the frozen lake.   So, where is Spring, anyway?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sock # 3 plus Chenille

Perhaps I have been permanently bitten by the sock bug.  Here is a photo of sock # 3 and the beginning of it's mate.  I included some examples of my failed attempts at sock knitting.... several, in fact, yet one day I may finish them all.  I never could get past the "heel turn" before and at long last it is beginning to make sense.

Otherwise, I have been absent from blogging because I am doing a bit of spring sorting and clearing out.  I have an extensive vintage chenille collection... many of the beautiful old bedspreads are cutters or in pieces.  I have been packaging them in craft-project-sized bundles for my eBay friends and they are flying out of here.  A neighbor stopped by before the clear out began and looked at the shelves heaped full to the ceiling.... she said if those shelves fell over on me I would die of "chenilluffocation!"