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Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Farmers Market

Tomato plants anyone?  Flowering shrubs?  How about some honey or beeswax products?
How happy we all are to have the seasonal opening of the local farmers market today!  It is located in a lovely setting along the bank of a fast flowing river ~ yes, the Boardman River as it approaches West Grand Traverse Bay.   Cool shady banks with the lilacs all in bloom.  Mallard ducks are hoping for a handout from the children. 

Rhubarb and asparagus were plentiful at the market today.  My purchases included a few herbs: thyme, parsley and cilantro.... so fragrant in the car on the way home.   At an estate sale this morning I also found this antique metal milk bottle carrier.  Love it!

My last photo is of a platter (small) of fresh morel mushrooms ~ a gift from my neighbor who knows all the secret woodland hunting spots.   They are amazingly delicious sauteed in butter and added to just about anything.... scrambled eggs, steak on the grill...  a springtime treat.

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Biddy Fraser said...

Wow, we have farmers' markets in Britain too. Gorgeous piccies.