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Saturday, January 14, 2012

After the Storm

This was the view out my windshield today on the trip to my favorite quilt shop.   You can't get there from here so the route is all snow-covered back roads.... typical of this area, but always worth it in the scenic department.   4WD is a must!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Fairyland

What a difference a day makes ~ in the weather, that is!   I was ice skating yesterday on clear ice all over the lake.   Today I am sledding down the driveway in 8" of fresh powder.  Schools are closed and roads are unplowed so we are making the best of it.... and enjoying it fully!  So happy I don't have to go anywhere!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Enjoy Winter

With such an unusually mild winter here.... so far.... I decided to put my summertime thinking chair back on our little covered porch today.  It's a lovely place to have a cup of coffee and listen to the woodsy world wake up in the morning.  I have a 3/4 length down coat that keeps me cozy.  Notice the beady little eyes watching out the door.... my corgi, Sadie, doesn't like to miss out on anything.

Yesterday my husband put up this feeding tray for the birds outside my kitchen window.  It is fun to watch them come so close.  The ever-faithful chickadees and nuthatches have visited already.  The squirrels aren't a bit shy.  I am hoping for blue jays and cardinals, but I expect we will need some foul weather to bring them in.

And to round out a perfect winter day there is nothing like a fresh pie.  This time I used apples, pears and cranberries.... a wonderful combination!  I add cinnamon and nutmeg to this pie.  Try it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Father Time

The month of December 2011 left us with almost no snow which is most unusual for us here in the northwest corner of  the lower peninsula of Michigan.  I had a couple of days of nice ice skating on the lake and now we are getting some real snow today.  Predictions are for up to 20" but we will see. 

Regardless of the forecast, I got extra grocery staples just in case.   The wood is stacked in case power goes out and we lose heat from the furnace.  Bird feeders are full as are the squirrel stashes.  Most importantly, perhaps, I organized the garage this morning so I could get my car inside.  That meant moving my pack and ship table, sorting items to be listed in my Etsy shop, loading the recyclables and Goodwill drop off items into my car.

I feel ready for anything now.   I think I'll curl up with a book and let it snow!

Here is a 1909 postcard from my collection.  Happy New Year!