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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ready or not......

We have shoveled out from that beautiful snowstorm, the tree is up and decorated and company is coming whether we are ready or not....  This morning I left home early under a beautiful blue sky with the cold sun making hoar frost glisten on every twig and clump of weeds.  It was 2* ~ crispy and crunchy!  A few errands to run, then back home I found the mantel looking especially pretty on this bright day.  Every year I decorate it differently and I rather like the lace, candles and poinsettias.  The candle holders are etched red flash antiques from my husband's Aunt Martha.... a treasure.

And, of course, any pie will do anytime......... I made a chicken pot pie for dinner last night.  It was especially delicious!  I was short of time so picked up a hot ready-cooked chicken from the grocery, cooked a pot full of veggies slightly, made a white sauce, topped it all with a freshly blended pie crust, popped it in the oven while I made
a salad and..... voila!   Perfect winter supper!

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