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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arts & Crafts Finale

A remaining treasure from my final holiday arts and crafts show is this small collection of beaded and embroidered birds made from felted vintage blankets.  They hang by a loop of fish line if you wish.  Of course, I made oodles of cardinals in both red and wine and they "flew" off the display.  The weather held and roads were clear for the show this past weekend, but we have since received around 15" of snow in the last 36 hrs.   It is beautiful, but internet service is wonky.   The candles and matches are handy in case of a full blown power outage.  Very cozy!

My neighboring vendors always have tempting products, too.   I bought an ounce of roving from a spinner/knitter and ordered felting needles.  Have no idea what I am going to make, but am looking forward to learning something new.   Feel free to suggest a beginner's project for me.

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Linda B said...

I always buy from other vendors, also. Unfortunately. You get exposed to such wonders! And creativity! And the markets mean fresh veges. It's a wonder I bring any money home.