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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quilt Barn Trail

On one of our lovely peninsulas jutting out into Lake Michigan is the "Quilt Barn Trail."  There are ten quilt barns on the trail although there are many more historic barns on Old Mission peninsula.  Many volunteers came forth to help construct, paint, and install the quilt squares on the ten barns.  Each quilt design has special significance to the family and history of the farm.  A tour map is available.  Recently I came across a couple of these barns and thought you might enjoy seeing them.

The saltbox barn above is decorated with a Windmill quilt design with a cluster of cherries in the center.   The barn sits high on a windy hill and the family raises cherries.

The white barn below was built in 1870.  The quilt square is a modified Bear Paw pattern taken from a family heirloom quilt.

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