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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pandora's Many Boxes

Cleaning closets and simplifying my life have become an obsession. It took me years to accumulate all of these boxes full, so why do I think I can sort it all out in a week? When the thermometer continues to hover between zero and ten degrees, this sorting process is the perfect activity.

It's been fun rediscovering old treasures and then saying goodbye to them. For instance, I read all the congratulatory notes to my mother upon the occasion of my birth, then promptly listed them on eBay... someone should enjoy them for scrapbooking!

I purchase crocheted potholders at estate sales and garage sales, especially red and white ones, but have discovered I have many more than I can ever hope to display. Again, off to eBay for sharing. I can almost see the bottom of the first box!

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