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Monday, December 15, 2008

What you won't find in a blizzard!

I absolutely had to attend to errands today in spite of the ice-covered roads, wind-driven snow and 6 degree weather. No problem if you take your time and pay attention... a little luck helps, too. On my way home I found myself on the street of a favorite consignment shop. Luckily it was open and full of new items. Must be lots of people did some serious fall house-cleaning.

There were no vintage linens today that suited my needs, but I found a few treasures just the same. Two nice old wood bobbins and some rubber type stamps.... there was a bucket of letters but I picked through and found the words, such as "today" and "special" and "infants" and "as advertised," and more. Luckily all of this was inexpensive because I have no idea what I will do with them.

As I was about to leave the store I spotted a familiar wicker ottoman with cushion! I laughed and told my story to the shop owner. About 3 - 4 years ago I found that very piece at a moving sale in Mesa, Arizona! Charming, I thought, and we squeezed it into the van with the two dogs, two cats and all our gear for the drive back to Michigan in the spring. However, I never made a new cushion nor painted the ottoman as planned. This fall I sold it in a yard sale! It was one of the consignment store "pickers" who bought it and now it's for sale again at six times what I paid for it in the first place!!

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black eyed susans kitchen said...

Every now and then there is something that just keeps showing up in your life. Pretty funny. I am so pleased to see that you have a blog. I am going to link it to mine so that others will find it too! Your lilac pillows are still on my bed.
♥, Susan