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Sunday, September 3, 2017


This trio of mushrooms emerged in my yard the other day.  I found them to be quite exquisite. Their brief existence gave me much pleasure simply to consider their beauty with no expectations and no judgement.  They lasted only a brief time; I am so glad to have noticed them.

I share this photo to give myself pause in light of an experience this morning while walking my 14 yr. old dog on a public trail.  I am almost her age in dog years showing my age with a mop of white hair and we poke along out the path, then turn around and amble back home again.  A busy street is parallel.  My habit is to let her peacefully go about her business one way and pick it all up on the return trip.  Sound innocent enough?

Today I noticed a min-van do a U-turn a way up the busy street but paid no attention as it came back toward me.  Pretty soon it pulled over close to me, the driver yelling at me to pick up my dog's poop.  The fellow had obviously observed my dog in a private moment, decided he was obligated to turn around, double back, turn around again and judge me in very angry terms.  He didn't want to talk about it... just yell at me.  I whipped out my plastic dog waste baggie and waved it at him but he was off in a cloud of dust without listening to my response.

Why?  Why go to so much trouble to righteously punish without hearing another's explanation? What happened here?  Why did he feel entitled to judge?

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