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Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Sunny Garden Spot

Who can believe that even more months and calendar pages have disappeared?  My last post was in October 2016!  But jumping right into the past few weeks for an update, I decided to battle the voles and moles in the front yard because it has sunshine for some sun-loving plants.  The back yard is mostly shade and well-established with shady perennials.

To dress up the plain front of the house we now have a simple decorative picket fence with a gate.
It's about a foot away from a ground level deck and gives the feeling of a porch.  Neighbors have stopped by to admire and approve.  I'm glad.  I removed some sod, turned earth, added compost and manure and have begun to plant.  My next door neighbor shared daisies, iris, lilies and rudbeckia.  I transplanted hollyhock, hosta and astilbe.  I planted marigolds beside pole green beans hoping to keep bunny away.  Bachelor button seeds sprouted almost before I could turn around.

Here we are within the city limits and before the earth could settle there were fresh deer tracks across the garden space!  I've never seen a deer here.  There are houses everywhere and traffic and people and bikes.  Yet the deer is checking out my garden!  Stay tuned.

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