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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cherry Pie in my Future

Today was a perfect dry, cool summer day... high sparse clouds... and the tart cherries are ripe for the picking.  Pick them I did. In a little over an hour of relaxed meandering through the trees, I have about eleven pounds of cherries.  They are pitted now and half are frozen in quart bags.  The rest will wait until tomorrow to become pies most likely.  I pit by hand one at a time so the cherry stays round, plump and juicy.  Years ago the tart pie cherries were called "sours."  Marketing experts thought "tart" sounded better.

A note on the Wascally Wabbit in my garden.... he has eaten the third planting of lettuce almost entirely... it's time I planted more for him.  My own lettuce is now growing nicely in a large pot on a raised deck seat.  Keeping my fingers crossed little Bunny doesn't climb.

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