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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Having downsized from a nearly acre yard which I'd been planting and landscaping for almost twenty years... to a little 50 ft. wide city lot with established border gardens, I am finding surprises this spring.  I knew there were some day lilies but that's about all I was aware of.  So spring is a delight here as one thing after another pops up along the driveway or against the south side of the house.  And I am not overwhelmed by the work of raking and hauling branches and can spend a few moments looking for new sprouts.  For the first time in all these years there are tulips in my yard.  It's the first time there hasn't been a herd of hungry deer seeking them out.  Oh, how the deer love tulips! Here I also have white primroses... they are beautiful.  What a delightful surprise!

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