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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Outside the Box

Do you think or act outside the box?  Your box? Presumed supposed boxes?  Routinely or only when you have to?  Creatively by choice?

Was just reading a blog post by Pale Rook, a doll  maker.... the idea jumped at me that my life right now is outside my comfort zone and I MUST think outside the box to adapt and tackle the steep learning curve of taking over the household and be a caregiver in the "autumn" of my life to my husband with dementia and I don't like it.  But "back when" as a newly divorced woman of 38 with two elementary school kids, I was faced with a similar learning situation... sooo, I didn't like it then, but did it then, can do it now! It's life.

Gratitude is big in my thinking as I have the ability to do this and it is a normal problem of life... many of us are facing this challenge nowadays in various forms.  It's not a survival type of third world problem which even more people are facing.

Here are my little granddaughters who always think outside their boxes.  They see only opportunities.
Delightfully refreshing to be with little ones.

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