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Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's been two years since I wrote. What happened?

Honestly, time flies.  On the other hand, time can also agonizingly drag along.  Only because one breathes automatically does one get through the rough spots.  Nothing in my life has been of life and death importance, but everything has changed and nothing has changed. I'm alone but I'm not alone.

In a nutshell ~ my circumstances have changed significantly.  I am still safe and sound,
but my husband's dementia has caused him to need much more care; our lovely home of 17 years (which we designed and built) on the shore of an inland lake has been sold; we recently found a compact little nest of a house within the city limits!  Dear friends and relatives have passed away; two beloved pets died.  Two years made an enormous difference in our lives.

In order to move from a 4,000 sq. ft. home with large work studio to a '50's bungalow of 1,400 sq. ft.
took some doing.  Serious down-sizing and several yard sales kicked off the process.  Selling a house is not an easy operation these days nor is buying one.  In both situations I ran into "entitled" folk for whom I needed the help of a skilled attorney to point out that a contract is legally binding.  One cannot arbitrarily move closing dates for personal convenience.  Am I the only one who still believes in the system?  Yet, people are good.  Life is good.

It seemed fitting that tonight ~ New Year's Eve ~ is a time for me to pull myself together and move
on.  I've been doing all the usual and proper things: still eBaying, Etsying, Estate Sale-ing and Pie
Baking!!  In fact I have increased the number of art/craft fairs I participate in and now sell pies as well as hand-sewn and hand-painted items.  This keeps me sane... shall we define sane? Better not.

Happy New Year to all.  I hope your past two years have been peaceful and your have coped well
with life.  Onward to continued happy dealing with whatever life throws at us.

I'll share here some photos of my apple and pecan pie-baking results in preparation for fall art/craft fairs.

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