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Friday, July 12, 2013

Senior Center Location Extraordinaire

Here is our local Senior Center funded by the Commission on Aging.  It is situated on the shore of West Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan.  The beach is fabulous.  The facility is small, built in the 1960's and our county population has grown considerably since then.  It is in need of renovation, but there is talk of relocating.  I just joined this fine group of people and attended the first of weekly summer yoga classes held on this beach one early morning last week.  What a delight!

It had rained during the night and the sky was brightening in the east.  To the west is the Great Lakes Maritime Academy and the large Coast Guard training ship, plus a couple of small private boats.  My vote is to stay put and renovate!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I agree! Yoga on the beach ?!!! What could be more perfect!

Linda said...

Wow, what a gorgeous setting!!! I could sit there for a while enjoying the views!