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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Signs of Spring.... Finally

Schools were closed two days last week throughout our region due to heavy wet snow!  Yet just today I have risked taking my Jeep out of 4WD ~ hopefully until next October.  Our inland lakes are still frozen solid yet the ice is looking a little grey in color instead of solid stark white.  Rain is predicted for the next few days so that should reduce the piles of plowed snow and break up the ice.

In the meantime, we had a bright day yesterday and I took a photo of pussy willows... a sure sign of green leaves to come.  My Hellebore or Lenten Rose always pops through the snow all budded and it is beautiful this year... pinks and deep purple...very sturdy plant and the deer won't eat it.  I have one little patch of crocus about to open and these the deer WILL eat happily.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the deer will forget this year and we can enjoy the blooms.

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Linda said...

Signs of spring indeed...beautiful!