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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hobbit House

We had a touch of "cabin fever" today and headed north for a change of scenery.  There was a flea market advertised in a small town so that was our destination and it was sweet, literally.... with homemade pies by Judy.  She bakes them all year round at home.  Just call and leave your order by 9 a.m. and she'll have your pies baked by 3 p.m.  We came home with apple pie and rhubarb pie. I met an auctioneer and bought a few antique treasures from him as well.

We got over our winter doldrums!  We have almost no snow compared to an hour north.  Pulled over to take a picture of this quaint stone "shed" with stone walls on either side of a trail up and into the woods beyond.  Plenty of snow on the roof.  I love the shape of the chimney.  Wonder what the history of this place is.  Snowmobilers were everywhere today... perfect outdoor winter sports weather!  ..... and spring?  When?


Amy said...

Sounds like great fun and sweet treats.
Sure wish we could see a taste of Spring.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fun photo of this snow covered house.

I bet those pies were delicious!

I hope with all ther snow that everyone has been having the midwest won't ahve drought conditions like last summer.