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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March came in like a lion.

This is not my usual weekend pot of stew.  I gathered kettles packed full of fresh snow to melt on the stove for a bit of French Press coffee, for watering the dogs and cats, for tea and for brushing teeth.
We had quite a storm beginning Friday afternoon and found ourselves without power for 24 hrs.  My gas stove will light with a match and the fireplace in the living room kept the house warm enough ... that is if you wear your long underwear and layers of wool and/or fleece!

We received 18" to 24" of heavy wet snow in our region.  Lots of tree limbs came down taking power lines with them.   Here four deer were happy to find this maple branch down in our driveway.   The clusters of leaf buds were especially sweet.
Our hero arrived this morning.   Our driveway is steep and a tough one to plow.  This fellow had been plowing for 29 hours straight with more drives to clean out after leaving our place

Here's a view looking out across the lake.  These twin birch trees suffered no damage and straightened up after the snow fell off the branches.  Luckily there was little to no wind.   Lots of people still are without power, some roads are impassable and schools are closed tomorrow.  I know there have been some wicked storms across the country and hope you and yours are safe.


Vintagemaison said...

Goodess me! Two feet of snow is not to be sniffed at - I bet the deer were pleased to find food. We have had a glorious last week of sunshine, only to wake to rain and back to cold today. Oh well, it will soon be proper Spring.

Rgds, Carol

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Wow, the weather is doing so many different dances all across the country. I am glad you are safe & staying warm, as best you can. Your photos are of a lovely winter wonderland, but I know it is hard to tough it out with no power. My heart goes out to those hit by fiercer storms, their homes & lives distorted.

Vagabonde said...

The view from your window is spectacular. Stay warm.

Sharon said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am so happy to have you as a new member!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and love your clothes pins bags! They are beautiful!