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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Irresistible apple tree!  An untamed, untrimmed, unpicked tree along the side of the road just loaded with gorgeous red apples.   It deserved a photo on a chilly December day.  This was last Friday as I took back roads along the shore of Lake Michigan to set up a day early for my final craft show of the season.  The day of the show our roads were covered with black ice, so I am especially glad I did not wait to drive the distance on Saturday.   This scene was within walking distance of a quilt shop which is one of my favorites in the north.  I had the extra time so stopped to purchase supplies for new projects.

Also on this route is this neat old Dodge Power Wagon which is under a lean-to so is well-protected from the weather.  Notice the bit of snow on the fender and running board.  I have been driving past this oldie for a couple of years and longing to inspect it more closely.  Again, time was on my side so I stopped for a photo.  I am tempted to crop this pic for the landscape reflected in the side windows.  What do you think?


Pie Lady Pat said...

My neighbor said this model was produced after the war so is probably a '45 - '52.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I hope the birds and deer got to eat all those apples so they didn't go to waste.

The old Dodge is a gem! I can imagine it carrying a Christmas tree in the back. It would make a perfect old fashioned Christmas card scene!