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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reunion of Generations of Good Friends

Nearly 40 yrs. ago while living at a rather remote inland lake, I was longing for a friend both for myself and my toddler.  Back then homeowners names were posted boldly on mailboxes and births were published in the newspaper daily.  When I noticed a birth announcement for neighbors whose name I recognized from having driven by their mailbox, I baked a loaf of banana bread, bundled my toddler on her sled and trudged a half mile through the January snow to introduce myself.  

This wonderful friendship grew, we each had another baby within weeks of each other, and we were always on the lookout for other young mothers in the neighborhood.  One by one, we found newcomers, created play dates for the kids, potlucks for the entire families and the above photo is the result.  Our core group still gets together for birthdays, showers, multi-annual potlucks and parties.  Just one more gal is waiting for grandmother-hood.   We assure her it will happen with patience.   Not all of our daughters were present at this luncheon this past Saturday, but this was a joyful reunion for moms and daughters alike.... one granddaughter could be with us, too.

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