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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Treasures

I am delighting in babysitting my 13-month-old granddaughter, Emily, a couple of mornings a week.
It is as good as any yoga class!   Getting up and down off the floor is great exercise and I put my "all" into it.  I neglected to tell her folks today that I am teaching her how to throw a ball.... this was immediately translated into throwing the dog's dish across the kitchen.  Emi is a fast learner. 

Another darling youngster is this newborn fawn we found in the yard at the edge of the woods a couple of days ago.  It was tucked under some newly cut branches and thick ferns.  I did not go too close but was able to snap this sweet photo.  It didn't blink or twitch a whisker!  Later in the evening a neighbor saw the fawn with it's mother so all is well.

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