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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tangerines and Apple Pie

Nothing says November like the first fresh tangerines at the grocery and the smell of apple pie spices wafting from the kitchen.  Ready or not, winter is coming.... just ask our in-laws in Massachusetts!  They have been without power since Saturday from that freaky early snowstorm out east.  Is that a Halloween joke by Mother Nature?  Happy trick or treating, everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Dog, Old Dog, New Tricks

Autumn here has been at the very least two plus months long and beautiful.  At the end of August maple leaves began to turn here and there.  Now nearing the end of October some maples are still beginning their color change along with the oaks...

Here is a view of the shoreline while we were taking our new dog, Griffin, for a boat ride recently.   He loves the water, chases frisbees into the lake and absolutely loves boat rides.   He is not a young dog, but has adapted very nicely to our home and fits right in with the dogs we already had.  He is a corgi with a mellow  personality.   We are happy to have him.

Our original dog family includes 8 yr. old large hound/lab?/shepherd? mix, Reggie.  Usually quite well behaved and sedate, he has taken to grazing along the kitchen counters.  Last week I bought a fabulous apple pie at a bake sale.  Reggie's new trick was to remove the pie from the counter and share it with our other corgi, Sadie.   She is the sassy-looking one in the left front of the group photo.  I had to laugh at Sadie licking out the pie pan on the kitchen floor.   I am more careful with baked goods now.